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Amazon Region
Amazonas / Caquetá / Guainía / Guaviare / Putumayo / Vaupés
Touristic services (In the area)
Amazon Region

Is composed by the states of: Amazonas, Caquetá, Guainía, Guaviare, Putumayo and Vaupés, located at the southeast of Colombia.

The Amazon river and his surrounding, belonging the most part to the Matto Grosso in Brasil, which is known as the lung of the world, since it is the most important fountain of oxygen for the planet, part of it is located in colombia, this is the reason why it is called Amazon region.

Colombia is well known by his biodiversity in Flora and Fauna, natural richness provided by the characteristics of the different region that conform Colombia, the Amazon region is one of them. The climatic and ambient condition make this region rich in Fauna and Flora, different to those ones found in the Andes region.

The Amazon region is almost the 40% of the Colombian territory, in addition is the less populated area of the country.

His territory is flat with jungles, has a part known as the amazonic "piedemonte" because is located next to the east mountain range.

The Amazon region is rich in ethnics groups, while the most part of his population are indians that preserve their customs, language, culture and traditions. They have always been living in harmony with his surrounding, they work hard in the preservation of the Amazon region. We can mention nukaks (they are nomads), los ticunas, los tucanos, los camsás, los huitotos, los yaguas and los ingas.

His food is provided by the agriculture product native of this region and the fish, they prepare it in a special way known as the three stones technic.

In the Amazon region some exotic fruits are found, we can mention el copoazú, el arazá, el caimarón.

Inside the Amazon region the same as in the Andes region, Colombia has establish 9 nationl parks, to preserve the richness in biodiversity and to create a sanctuary for the different plants and animals that live there.

Some of the capitals of the states belonging to the amazon region are connected through roads like San José de Guaviare, Mocoa and Florencia. The other connection paths are the river and the use of planes, helping in this way to reduce the impact in the region and preserving the Amazon region as a Worldnatural reservation and lung of the world.

For this reason the Amazon region is an ideal destination for the ecotourism lovers, they are many beauties still to be discover in this place.


tourism andes region colombia
tourism andes region colombia


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