tourism barichara santander colombia

Barichara - Santander

This beautiful town was registered as National Monument in 1978, and it is sometimes known as “the most beautiful town in Colombia”. It is 20 km away from San Gil, and enjoys a warm climate with temperatures around 22 C.

Among its attractions there is the royal way connecting Barichara with Guane, the stone bridges, the chapel and church, the “chorrera” natural park, the natural caves, the “mico” waterfall, the observatory, and the cultural museum.

Barichara is famous for its stone-works. This works begin with the extraction of the stones, that are then used for construction, or for handicrafts made by its many artesans. This stone masterpieces can be found all around Barichara, in its houses, its streets and even in its cemetery; As well as in the objects sold, including fountains, tables, columns, lamps, sculptures and many others.

tourism barichara santander colombia
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tourism barichara santander colombia


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