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Bogotá - Cundinamarca

Bogota is located in a vast savanna that extend herself between the andes mountain range. Bogota is 2640 m.s.l. or as it is said “2600 meters closer to the stars”. It has and average temperature of 15 °C with cold nights and warm days.

The landscape of Bogota is a combination between the green of his beautiful parks and his wonderful dusk that bath the city with many colors.

Bogota is the Colombian Capital, is the main urban, economical, political and cultural center of the country. Head of the central and states powers.

It was founded by Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada the 6 of August 1538, in the place know today as the “Chorro de Quevedo”, at that time and indian population. It become so important that in 1557 was named the most important city of the viceroyalty. Since this times until modern days the growth of the city has been fast and noticeable. In Bogota important events of the country has taken place, one of them the independence scream the 20 of july of 1810 in the oriental corner of Bolivar square.

Bogota is a city with colonial churches of a great beauty, museums, universities, futuristic architecture, that allow us to enjoy of a vibrant city with a cultural diversity, furthermore is has one of the best gastronomy of the continent.

Bogota has to offer different options for the tourist that visit it, places to enjoy art, fashion, recreation, culture, sports and more on.



festival teatro

For those ones that likes arts presentation: The Colon, Jorge Eliecer Gaitan, Colsubsidio Theater and the Iberoamerican theater festival that takes place in bogota every two years. It is acknowledged worldwide as one of the largest international events of its kind. It presents artists from the five continents and has a profound social impact that transforms and enriches the life of the country’s citizens.

The most important libraries, with his beautiful architecture, for example the Virgilio, Tunal library. In Bogota every year the Book Fair take place, one of the largest publishing event of its kind in Latin America.

The music in Bogota is happy to have the Rock in the park event, the most known musical event in Latin America, inspiration for the creation of Hip Hop in the park, Jazz in the park and some other presentation that gives another cultural alternative for the people of Bogota.

The active person can also enjoy with a great amount of bikes routes, that goes through different sectors of the city, and become larger on sunday with the closing of different main streets, that can be used by cyclist, skaters, walkers, dogs and people that offer different dishes to calm the hunger and the thirst. Bogota also have an excellent infrastructure for the practice of swimming, skating, basketball, football and others.

For those ones that like to dance, Bogota has many places, some of them are: La candelaria, La Pink Zone, the 93 Park, the T zone, La Calera, Usaquen and Chia. Music for everyone, good restaurants, cafes and Bars.

The Economy of Bogota is based in the service and industry, the most important are: commerce, transport, communication, banks, insunrenship, education, housing, food, drinks, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, textile, cars, metal-mechanic, paper and press.


museo del oro

The city can be divided in different sectors:

The center/Downtown: Places were bogota was founded and were old neighborhood can be found for example la Candelaria. In Bogota center the most important museums, squares, universities are located, we can enhance:

Nacional Museum
Natural history Museum
Modern Art Museum
Gold Museum
Quinta de Bolívar
Police Museum
XIX century Museum
Colonial Art Museum
Archeological art Museum
Luis Angel Arango Library
Colón Theather
Coin House
Convention Center
International Center of Bogota
Bavaria Central Park
Bolivar Park
Santa Clara Church
La Cathedral

In the sector of Teusaquillo and la Merced english style construction can be apreciated.

West: In this sector is located Maloka, one of the most important interactive center of Suramerica, his main objective is put the visitor in contact with the Science and Technology. The Virgilio Barco Library, the Simon Bolivar Park, the Botanic Garden and the high performance center are located in this Sector of Bogota.

North and North-west: We can say that some of the most modern places of Bogota are located in this area, big commercial center can also be found as Unicentro and Santa Fe. In this sector is located Usaquen, who preserve a colonial architecture, this places offer a great variety of restaurants, recreation and ethereal places.

South-west: The industrial sector of Bogota is located in this place.

Savanna of Bogota: Flower growing places can be seen, Colombian flowers are recognized by his beauty and is one of or main export products.



tourism bogota cundinamarca colombia
apartamentos bogota
tourism bogota cundinamarca colombia


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