The Boyaca state is located at the northeast of Colombia.
Boyaca is the farm of Colombia, it still preserves their colonial architecture, it seems like it was trapped on time, Boyaca state is known by the beauty of his landscapes and the richness of his Architecture.
Boyaca is the ideal place for resting and forget the big cities, walk through the field, enjoy his highland, take the road surrounded of green landscapes which flows into the biggest lagoon of Colombia, the Tota lagoon, it has 47 kilometers, it looks like a piece of ocean put into the mountains, or you can admire the most beautiful mountain range of Colombia, the snowing mountains of the Cocuy and enjoy all the beautiful towns that surround it.
Boyaca is the place were the freedom of colombia was forged. Boyaca come from the chibcha word Bojaca, which means closer to the Cacique. Is a place that shows us the history of Colombia, this is the reason why they are found so many monuments went you travel through Boyaca. For example the Boyaca bridge, the Vargas swamp, Churches in renaissance and baroque Styles, monasteries, chapels and mansions signs of the pre-hispanic period.
The Main activities of the Boyaca state are: agriculture, livestock, fishing, commerce, industry, handicraft, oil industry and mining, specially emeralds.
The industrial zone is located in Duitama, Nobsa and Sogamoso. The tourism occupies a special place in Boyaca taking into account his landscape, natural resources and the fact that is considered and historical monument of the country.
The Boyaca States has many places that can be visited in one day or in the weekend, for this reason we mention routes and places recommended to visit, indicating were they are located and the more interesting places to see.
Natural places in Boyaca
Flora and fauna sanctuary Iguaque
The legend tells that from this small lagoon arise Bachue accompanied whit a light which makes the earth shine.
Prepare yourself spiritually and physically to walk up to the magical lagoon of Iguaque, sacred water cradle for the Muiscas, one of the eight lagoon that exist in this Highland.
From Villa de Leyva you have to take the road to Arcabuco and then a branch of 3 km. To arrive to the administrative center which has accommodation, camping zone, restaurants, there you can start your walk, enjoy the landscape through the forest that change into highland (3800 m.s.l.)
Cocuy Mountain Range
This park is located in the state of Boyaca, Arauca and Casanare.
The Cocuy Mountain Range is a National Park of Colombia with 306.000 hectares, it has 23 peaks that goes from 600 to 3500 m.s.l. , the most known and visited are the Pulpito del Diablo (devil pulpit), Pan de Azucar (sugar bread), Ritacuba negro (black) and Ritacuba blanco (white). The landscape in this place is wonderful, and the lagoons make it more attractive, we can mention the Plaza lagoon, the Grande de la Sierra lagoon, the Grande de los verdes Lagoon.
Is an ideal place to observe flora diversity (endemic species of Frailejon, espeletiopsis and litamo) and fauna (andes condor, maiceroo monkey, highland deer, glasses bear, puma and others)
it has U’wa presence (indians) in the 30% of the park territory, some of them are reserves.
Oceta Highland
Located near Monguí. when you start the walk to the highland you can enjoy a beautiful landscape and take a look at the Mongui town, the mountains that surround this places, and the different green tones which indicate the variety of sowed fields.
The recommend place in this highland, are the geological formation that are known as Stone City, the Oceta Cuchillas, the Oti, Barco and Catillo Formation, the Eco hill, Cerro Dagua, Laguna negra and Lagunillas, the Penagos Waterfall and the beautiful Frailejones Valley. Is considered one of the most beautiful highland of the world and best preserved.


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