Cabo de la vela


Cabo de la Vela - Guajira

Located at the north of South-America, Colombia and la Guajira. In cabo de la vela you can find the Wayúu community settlement.

The Cabo de la vela is a desert place, with his own beauty, with a low population density. It is recommended to use the guide service to visit it.

The Community make with the government plans for the ecotourism practice in the Cabo de la Vela, preserving the beauty of this territory, it is easy to find lonely and wonderful beaches for the joy of the tourist that visit this place.

Those ones that want to stay for some days in the Cabo de la Vela, has the opportunity to use the accommodation offered by the Wayúu families.

The trip to Cabo de la Vela is spectacular, but you can also visit some other places like: el Pilón de Azucar, el Cerro Pantú, the wind power park, El Morro and the lighthouse.

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