Lost City
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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is the tallest mountain in the world raising next to the sea, with its peak almost reaching the 6000 mts. It is a very important natural environment not only for Colombia but for the whole world, being the heart of the world according to the Tayrona tradition, the indigenous group who lived here for many years before the colonization. Today, the Koguis, Azarios and Arhuacos inhabit and try to keep the Tayrona land and tradition..

In the heart of the Sierra you can find Ciudad Perdida "lost city", one of the most intesting archeological sites in South America. It is make up of a complex system of terraces, stone trails, stairs and walls, where houses and ceremonial centers were once built.

In order to reach Ciudad Perdida "lost city" you’ll have to take a 6 days (round trip) guiged hike from Santa Marta, spending the nights in huts on the way and sleeping in hammocks. This trip can only be done with local guides and taking the necessary equipment and provisions.
tourism lost city magdalena colombia
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tourism lost city magdalena colombia


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