Cocuy Mountain Range - Boyaca
This park is located in the state of Boyaca, Arauca and Casanare.
The Cocuy Mountain Range is a National Park of Colombia with 306.000 hectares, it has 23 peaks that goes from 600 to 3500 m.s.l. , the most known and visited are the Pulpito del Diablo (devil pulpit), Pan de Azucar (sugar bread), Ritacuba negro (black) and Ritacuba blanco (white). The landscape in this place is wonderful, and the lagoons make it more attractive, we can mention the Plaza lagoon, the Grande de la Sierra lagoon, the Grande de los verdes Lagoon.
Is an ideal place to observe flora diversity (endemic species of Frailejon, espeletiopsis and litamo) and fauna (andes condor, maiceroo monkey, highland deer, glasses bear, puma and others)
It has U’wa presence (indians) in the 30% of the park territory, some of them are reserves.
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