Fonseca - Guajira

The Fonseca Municipality is located at the south of the Guajira state in the road that join Valledupar with Uribe, Riohacha and Maicao.

The Rancheria river in his way to the caribbean sea goes through Fonseca, for that reason you can find on his shores places to relax or just enjoy of a beautiful landscapes.
The average temperature of Fonseca is 28°C.

The Main activities of Fonseca are the agriculture and the livestock production.
In August the “Festival del Retorno” take place, it includes an accordions championship. It is called in that way because is an invitation to all the people born here to come back to visit his families and friends to remember his youth, traditions and legends.

The touristic places to visit in Fonseca include: El Canal, Los Haticos, the San Agustín Church, the indian reservoir Maya Bangloma.



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