Guasca, La Calera

tourism guasca cundinamarca colombia

Guasca - Cundinamarca
Altitude 2700 m.s.l
Temperature: 15 °C
Guasca o mountain fence has a pre-Colombian origin, is located 51 kilometers of Bogota.
Among his touristic places:
The Siecha Church, historical monument
Siecha Lagoon
At 3500 m.s.l the indian sanctuary were gold work made by Muiscas has been found.
The Siecha Lagoons are located in the Chingaza natural park. It is located in the highland surrounded by a variety of plants and animals.
They are 3 Lagoons. the Siecha lagoon, the biggest one, the Guasca lagoon and the smallest one the Teusaca. the 3 of them from glacial formation.
La Calera - Cundinamarca
Altitude: 2718 m.s.l.
Temperature: 16 °C
His name come from the “caliza or calera” mine, is located 17 km of Bogota. Starting at the K 7 with street 84, the initial journey is an ascent. The best of all are the different viewpoints where you can get a nice view of Bogota.

In la Calera you can enjoy a variety of activities: like cavalcades, ecological walks, or just eat delicious typical foods as “mazorcas”, “arepas de maiz pelao con agua panela y queso”, something that Bogota people enjoy to taste during the weekends. The cyclist enjoy to use this road, is it normal to see people on a bike.

In the way to la Calera you can find many restaurants, discotheques, bars with a beautiful view of Bogota, a perfect place for enjoyment.

If you continue through the Calera way you will find the San Rafael dam, it produces 70% of the water needed in Bogota.
Between Mountains and Rocks starts the “alto de Patios”, were the cold and the fog indicated that you are arriving the Chingaza Natural Park. Located in the most extend and highest point of the east mountain range in Cundinamarca. Going through this way you will end at Sopo and Guatavita.


tourism guasca cundinamarca colombia
tourism guasca cundinamarca colombia


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