Tenza Valley

valle de tenza

Chivor - Boyaca

Is other destination were they still search for emeralds, emerald that impress the tourist for his beauty, color and are famous world wide because of his quality.
In the surrounding is located the chivor Dam, important because of his beauty and the electrical energy generated there for Colombia

Garagoa - Boyaca

In the main park of Garagoa is located one of the most representative symbols of this place, a big Ceiba tree with a high of almost 38 meters
Just some minutes away from garagoa you can have a beautiful view of the Tenza valley form the viewpoint of the Alto de Santa Barbara.

Guateque - Boyaca

To enter the Tenza Valley you have to take the turnoff after the Sisga reservoir, turning to the righ in direction Guateque, the first population that you will find is Macheta located 101 km from Bogota, this place belongs to Cundinamarca, from there on you will be in Boyaca.

Guateque, is the entrance and the main urban center in the Tenza Valley, it is said that the most sweet Chirimoyas are produced there. The spas located there are frequently visited on weekends, by persons which search for relax surrounded by nature.

Somondoco - Boyaca

Place of the Cuajada Chicharron, with a temperature of 18°C, this municipality enhance in the Tenza valley for his beauty and historical tradition. Is a important mining center, well known for his beautiful emeralds, which in colonial times produced conflicts between the spanish and indian people.

Sutatenza - Boyaca

Cradle of one of the most important experiments in Colombia regarding pedagogy, radio education (education for farmers, radiophonic schools), implemented by Monseñor José Joaquín Salcedo Guarín.

Sutatenza has places designed for the practice of ecotourism with ecological tracks in the sectors of Guamo y Sigüiqui.

Tenza - Boyaca

Tenza is located 135 Km from Tunja and 150 km from Bogota.
Tenzuca was the old indian capital of the region, named Tenza by the spanish people.

Tenza is a handicraft municipality by excellence, you can find baskets of many colors and materials (fique, caña, bambu and yare), the miniatures of horse hair and other typical objects of the region like Garullas and Mantecadas.
We recommend you to visit the old indian cemeteries, the volcano lagoon, and the virgin walk.

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