Jenesano - Turmequé

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Jenesano - Boyacá

The most beautiful town of Boyaca in 1999, it has a wonderful colonial architecture, his name has an italian origin and means healthy town. It has a temperature between 15 and 19°C and a beautiful landscape. Jenesano has a rich pre-colombian culture, we can name for example the Muisca culture and the Baganique valley

Jenesano growing includes apples, plums, peachs, tree tomatoes and cherry trees and others like tomatoes, chili, avocado, custard apple, platain and organges.

Turmequé - Boyacá

Considered an artistic and historical heritage of Colombia.

Cradle of the national sport of Colombia, the Tejo. It is tell that the native people used to play with gold Tejos. Every year the national championship of Tejo take place in Turmeque, which attracts participants and tourist from the whole country.

naturaleza boyaca
naturaleza boyaca


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