Tota Lagoon

Tota Lagoon - Boyaca

In the way that goes from sogamoso to the east plain you will find the Tota lagoon, second in importance after the Titicaca. Is a precious lagoon with 55 km2, an a deep of 60 mts, is located at a altitude of 3015 m.s.l.

In the Tota lagoon you can practice nautical sports, visit the famous white beach or one of his three islands. In his water is easy to find rainbow trout and in the surroundings next to Aquitania the most of the onion growing.

Tota, the municipality were the Tota lagoon is located means in native tongue “farming land”, the Tota Lagoon was a ceremonial place for the Muisca community.

laguna de tota
boyaca flora


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