Caldas (Triangle of Coffee)

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Manizales - Caldas

Caldas’ departmental capital, Manizales, is very close to the famous Nevado del Ruiz. With an altitude of 2150 mts, it enjoys a cool weather with an average temperature of 18°C
It was created in 1849 and it is now an important economical center in the country, also known as the Coffee World Capital, because of it industrial production of this product, the basis of development in the region. It is also an important college city.

Manizales holds the Reinado Internacional del Café at the begining of every year together with the Feria de Manizales, which includes the Feria Taurina (Bullfighting Festival), handcraft expo, Festival de la Trova, firegames and other artistic expositions.

It is possible to enjoy a great view of sunsets from the Chipre observatory park, overlooking the Cauca river and the Serrania del Tatama.

Los Yarumos humid jungle ecopark

It is located in the urban perimeter of Manizales, with a great view of the city. There is an ecological path surrounded by a great variety of plants and animal species of the region; there is also facilities for children to play, and for extreme sports.

Manizales International Theatre Festival

It takes place every year in August, and has been declared national cultural heritage.

tourism manizales caldas colombia
tourism manizales caldas colombia


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