Orinoco Region
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Orinoco Region

His names is related to the many rivers that form the basin of the Orinoco, which establish the limits between Colombia and Venezuela through the 268 kilometers were they share his trajectory.

The most part of the rivers that form the basin of the Orinoco in Colombia are navigable, we can mention: el Guaviare, el Meta, el Vichada, el Tomo and el Arauca. They receive at the same time the stream of other rivers, making the Orinoco region rich in water resources, at the same time this contribute for the richness of Fauna and Flora in the area.

The Orinoco region is also known as the east plains, due the vast plains that are found in his territory, located in the east part of Colombia, the inhabitants of the Orinoco region are known as Llaneros

In the Colombian Orinoco region the following subregions are found:

Piedemonte Llanero: to this area belong the plains located closer to the east mountain range of the Andes region.
Llanuras del Meta y del Guaviare: His name come from the plains that are located in the area in the valleys of this two rivers.
Serranía de La Macarena: known by the national park with the same name.
Pantanos del Arauca: wetland formed by the plains of the bank of the Arauca river.

The economy of the Colombian Orinoco region is grounded in livestock production and agriculture, in the last years important oilfield has been found, in the Cusiana area.

The states that compose the Orinoco region are: Meta, Vichada, Casanare y Arauca.

Touristic Attractions:

His main touristic attractions are:

The Natural park of the Macarena in Meta state
The Natural park Tuparro in Vichada state
His beautiful landscapes
His Flora and Fauna
His Folklore: music played using harp and cuatro, and the joropo dance
The coleo activities
His sundowns
The festivals that take places in different areas, to enhance the national festival of the song and international festival of joropo in Villavicencio, the Cimarrón de Oro in Yopal, The patronal festival in Arauca.


tourism orinoquia region colombia
tourism orinoquia region colombia


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