Providencia and Santa Catalina


Providencia and Santa Catalina


Providence is the second island in extension of the archipelago with 17 square kilometers and Santa Catalina has an area of 1 square kilometers, they are protected in a great part by a coral reef with an extension of 32 kilometers, which is one of the biggest one in the caribbean with and area of 255 square kilometers.

Providencia and Santa Catalina are located at the north of San Andres, approximately 40 minutes using plane.

Manchineel Hill is the highest point with and altitude of 360 meters, the walk to the Bottom House (casa baja), take almost two hours, it is recommended to take water and protection against the mosquitos. When you arrive, you can enjoy a beautiful view taking into account that is one of the most beautiful places of the island.

The lovers bridge join Providencia with Santa Catalina, enjoy the pleasure of walking through it with the sea below and his handrail of many colors.

Santa Catalina

Extension 1 kilometer
The Santa Catalina island is 100 meter away from providencia by an artificial channel built by the pirates in the XVII century, over this channel is located a bridge 180 meters long, which is name the malecon or lovers bridge.

One of the attractions of Santa Catalina is the Morgan head, a natural sculpture in stone sculpted by the sea, it is similar to a human face seen from a special angle. In 1670 the pirates conquer the island which was in power of the spanish.

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