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Raquirá - Boyacá

Located 25 km from Villa de Leyva, in chibcha tongue his name means “Town of pots”.
It is a municipality which is famous for the productions of pots, mucuras, pitcher, toys, cribs and other decorations, his colonial houses painted in all the colors and decorated with a variety of handicraft work for sell, made with different material like mud, wool, cotton, made Raquira a picturesque town full of colors and joy.

Recommended places:

-Main park, decorated with handicraft sculptures made by the workers of the towns.
-The Candelaria Monastery founded in 1604, declared heritage of Colombia, is located 7 Km. from Raquira.
-Rabanal highland, located between Raquira, Guacheta and Samacá at 3000 m.s.l.

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