Riohacha - Guajira

Riohacha is the capital of the state of Guajira, his name in wayuu tongue is “süchiimma” that means earth-river.

Riohacha was founded in 1545, has a population of around 170 thousand habitants and an average temperature of 28° C.

The Riohacha municipality is located in the mouth of the Rancheria river into the Caribbean sea.

One of the main attractions that offers Riohacha to the tourist, are his beaches with white sand, the Paseo de la Marina, best known as the malecon, the touristic pier and the view of the shore of the Rancheria river.

Riohacha has a varied gastronomy, based on sea food, you can taste for example: sierra en escabeche, salpicón of a variety of fishes: bonito, cazón and chucho, shrimp rice, ray in different forms, arepas and natural juices.

The Riohacha city is the starting point to visit the different attractions of the Guajira state, Riohacha has a good hotel infrastructure.
His main festivals are El Carnaval and Divi Divi.



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