Tayrona + Taganga + Santa Marta + Rodadero + Bello Horizonte y Pozos Colorados + Sierra


El Rodadero

Most of the hotels in or around Santa Marta are located in this beach 10 minutes from Santa Marta. It has a tranquil beach, good for sea activities and sports. It has a good offer of restaurants, hotels, discos, as well as boats toward other destinations in the area like Playa Blanca, and the aquarium.

El Acuario (Aquarium) and Museo del Mar (Sea Museum)

Just 5 minutes by boat from Rodadedor beach. Here you can find a wide variety of fishes, turtles, sharks, as well as dolphin and seal’s shows. In Museo del Mar (Sea’s Museum) you can find information about sunken ships, the Tayrona culture, and other interesting facts.

Playa Blanca (White Sand)

By boat from Rodadero beaches you can reach this beautiful white-sand beach with crystalline water. In the beach you can find typical food, you can practice snorkelling, marine sports, and enjoy the view from the hills surrounding the beach.


tourism rodadero magdalena colombia
tourism rodadero magdalena colombia


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