Quindío (Triangle of Coffee)

tourism salento quindio colombia


Salento - Quindío
Is the ancient municipality of Quindío and is known as the cradle of the National Tree "The Palm of Wax".

Temperature is about 15°C and it is 1.895 mts above sea level. It differs for the architecture, the ancient houses made of bahareque walls and mud. The people is very kind and the landscapes are beautiful.

The place is perfect to practice the ecotourism doing ecological treks and camping.
One of its principal attractions is the "Cocora Valley" that's full of trees and beautiful plants that you can appreciate doing some ecological treks.

It is possible to see the Palm of Wax, the National Tree that grows up to 60 meters.
The Cocora Valley is the entry to the Parque Nacional Natural de los Nevados (The Snowcapped Mountain National Park).




tourism salento quindio colombia
tourism salento quindio colombia


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