San Andres Island

san andres

San Andres Island

Temperature: 29 ?C.
Altitude: sea level

San Andrés Island and his seven colors sea, territory of celestial and sea gods. Is the biggest island and the administrative center.

His 27 square kilometer are full of treasures, like the beautiful natural corners that today are visit by the lovers of ecotourism, adventure sports and diving.

Sites and activities for the tourist in San Andres

- Enjoy the exquisite and fresh food, stores and discotheques.
- Dance the rhythms of Calypso, Socca and reggae Reggae. Music that has african, Afro-Antilles and Anglo-Antilles rhythms for example calypso, socca, reggae, polka, waltz, mentos, schottist and mazurca, where you can here typical instruments like quijada de caballo (jawbone) and el tinajo (tub bass) played with other instruments like the guitar, maracas, mandolin and others.
- Enjoy the view flying with a kite, or you can practice skying, sailing or kayaking, if you prefer you can travel around the islands with catamaran and galleon.
Visit the Rocky Cay Beach at the west or San Luís beach at the south, an ideal place for the kids.
- Enjoy of the natural aquarium of the island with many fishes, there you can find restaurants and if you don’t have a water mask you can rent one.
- You can go around the island using bike, car, taxi or bus.
- For diving San Andres Island has one of the main coral reef of the world, with calm waters, with a great visibility and an interesting water flora and fauna.
Or visit the regional natural parks Johnny Cay and Old Point regional Mangrove Park.

san andres
san andres


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