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Moniquirá - Boyacá

Sweet town of Colombia, known by his sweet products made with sugar plant. Has a nice climate with a temperature of 20ºC, Moniquira was a chibcha town, in this tongue his name means “rich town bathed by the sun”. His main attractions are his sweet industry, the monkey, zorro and Golondrinas waterfall and the thermal waters of Salitre.

Sutamarchan - Boyacá

In this place you can visit el POZO DEL CARRIZAL with thermal water, El jurado del Diablo a cave with smell to sulphur, the Ermitaño and the Yuca waterfall.
Sutamarchan is an ideal place to buy longaniza and handicraft work.

Tinjaca - Boyacá

Located just 18 minutes from Villa de Leyva, is famous for his handicraft work in Tagüa, one of the strongest marvel plant.

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