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Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona

It is located to the east of Santa Marta just after Taganga. It has a total extension of 15000 hectares, 12000 of which are terrestrial and the remaining 3000 are maritimal. It comprises numerous beaches, with white sand, clean water, and an amazing landscape and nature to experience, as well as different types of accomodation and food services. The most visited beaches in the park are Neguanje, Playa Cristal, Arrecifes and Bahia Concha; it is important to know that there is beaches in the park where swimming is forbidden because of the strong currents.

The park is home to wide variety of animals, including around 100 different species of mammals from squirrels, tigrillos, numerous bat species, as well as different kinds of monkeys. There is also numerous birds around the coasts and in the forests, including two species of eagle. The sea ecosystem is rich in colous and variety, and some of the beaches in the park also become the nesting place for sea turtles for a few months every year.

Access to the park

Entrances by land
Neguanje. From Santa Marta take the principal road (Troncal del Caribe) towards La Guajira. 1km before the toll, there is a road to the left that leads to Palangana, Gayraca and Playa Coralina

Calabazo. Take the principal road (Troncal del Caribe) towards la Guajira. The entrance is situiated in the small town of Calabazo from where it takes around 2 hours on foot to Pueblito and the Tayrona town of Chayrama. Another hour by foot will take you to all the way to the sea, reaching Cabo San Juan del Guia.

Cañaveral. Take the principal road (Troncal del Caribe) towards la Guajira. Another few kilometers after Calabazo there is another entrance to the left. From here it takes 45 minutes by foot to los Naranjos area and to Arrecifes sector. From Arrecifes there is a beach trail leading to la Piscina, el Cabo San Juan del Guia and Boca del Saco (around 90 minutes).

Lugares para visitar
-Chayrama Town.
-Cañaveral (Ecohabs and camping area).
-El Mirador (an hour short walk from Cañaveral)
-Natural trail towards los Naranjos from Cañaveral (around 45 minutes)
-Arrecifes beach sector: 45 minutes walk from Cañaveral. Horses are also available.
-From Arrecifes it takes around 30 minutes by foot. A beautiful place where the blue beach and the green mountain come magically together.
-San Juan de Guía.
-Mouth of Piedras river.
-La piscina: Close to Arrecifes, its one of the most tranquil beaches in the park, and a very good place for snorkelling

tourism tayrona magdalena colombia
tourism tayrona magdalena colombia


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