Tunja - Boyaca

Tunja is the capital of Boyaca state is located 2 hours from bogota (120 km) using a highway in good condition. It is recommend to take clothes for cold climate, the average temperature is of 15 ?C., the same as in other parts of the state, on the nights the temperature can drop to 5 ?C.

Tunja altitude is 2775 m.s.l. and has a population of 130.000 habitants.

Tunja is a culture and religious destination par excellence, to go to the downtown take the tree street which take you straight to the Bolivar square and the cathedral. We recommend to take a walk from there, is the best way to enjoy the treasures that Tunja offers in his churches, convents, monasteries and houses, that evoke the baroque, mudejar and renaissance style. Tunja is for that reason a guardian of one of the most valuable art collection.

tunja colombia


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