Villa de Leyva

flora villa de leyva

Villa de Leyva - Boyaca

Altitude 2045 m.s.l.
Temperature 18 ?C.
Population: 12.000 habitants
located 38 Km. from Tunja

The villa of Nuestra Señora Santa María de Leyva was declared national monument in 1959, is actually a bohemian place, in his colonial houses live painters, sculptress, national and foreigners writers.

Villa the leyva was constructed on land that before belonged to the sea.
In this charming town it is recommended to visit the parroquial church constructed in the XVII century, or enjoy the precious architecture of his constructions, which have one or two floors, the most of them are located next to the main square, this square is totally made on stone an has a area of 14.000 mt2.

In the houses and locals white clothes typic from this region can be found, this were made by hand using new wool, you can also see: baskets, pottery, jewels, carves on wood, goat cheese and lamps, in the surroundings are located vineyards.

Recommended places:

-El fósil, paleontology museum, exhibits a fossil of a Kronosaurius (predatory marine reptile 130 million years old approximately)
-El infiernito, astronomic center of the Muiscas, were you can see fragments of the observatory and phallic monoliths used as fertility symbols.


Events and Ferstivals

January: Astronomy festival.
March-April: Holy Week .
June: foundation festival of Villa de Leyva.
July: Carmen Virgin Holiday.
August: kite festival.
October: San Isidro Labrador amd Three holiday.
December: Lights festival, novena de aguinaldos.

Flora and fauna sanctuary Iguaque

The legend tells that from this small lagoon arise Bachue accompanied whit a light which makes the earth shine.
Prepare yourself spiritually and physically to walk up to the magical lagoon of Iguaque, sacred water cradle for the Muiscas, one of the eight lagoon that exist in this Highland.
From Villa de Leyva you have to take the road to Arcabuco and then a branch of 3 km. To arrive to the administrative center which has accommodation, camping zone, restaurants, there you can start your walk, enjoy the landscape through the forest that change into highland (3800 m.s.l.)



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